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The Art of Artisan Baking, What is it?

Artisan baking is a lost art to most of the baking industry these days, but at Creative Crusts we still use and teach this method. The flavours and aromas that are created by the longer fermentation process are well worth the effort, the end result is reward enough in itself.

Artisan Breads require the use of preferment’s with a small amount of yeast or in the case of sourdough a levain or culture which can take anywhere from 12 hours to 2 days to reach a required level of maturity. Once the preferment is ready, it is then added to the final dough at a predetermined amount suitable for the product being produced.

Preferment’s eliminate the use of chemical improvers, preservatives and in most cases the removal of fats, oils and sugars all of which have become a standard part of today’s bread baking process. We choose to use only the highest quality ingredients, specially selected and monitored to ensure they give us optimum performance and consistency.

Due to their process Artisan Breads rely solely on the quality of the raw ingredients and the skill and knowledge of the craftsperson charged with its care, when these things are combined correctly it results in products that are trulely unique.

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